CyberPower Smart App 600VA Line Interactive 1U Rackmountable UPS, 360W, LCD Display, 6x IEC, AVR Energy Saving, Hot-swappable Batteries

CyberPower Smart App 600VA Line Interactive 1U Rackmountable UPS, 360W, LCD Display, 6x IEC, AVR Energy Saving, Hot-swappable Batteries



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CyberPower OR600ERM1U Line-Interactive UPS offers Simulated Sine Wave output power for office system devices including PCs, workstations, networking devices, and peripherals. It’s typically integrated in the back office and server room environment to ensure a reliable backup power supply during power failures.

The UPS has a multifunction LCD display which offers real-time information, including input and output voltage levels, load and battery levels, battery runtime, overload warning, and a silent mode. With the network ports on the UPS, it prevents network devices from being subjected to sudden power surges caused by lightning, thereby avoiding potential system damage. As for battery maintenance, the UPS allows battery hot-swapping, which enables users to perform normal battery maintenance without significant interruption.


  • Line-interactive UPS Topology
  • Simulated Sine Wave Output
  • Overload Protection
  • Surge and Spike Protection
  • Phone/Fax/Modem/DSL/Network Protection
  • USB Connectivity Port
  • SNMP/HTTP Remote Management Capability (Optional)
  • Energy Saving Technology
  • Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR)
  • Hot-swappable Batteries
  • EMI and RFI Filtration
  • LCD Status Display
  • PowerPanel® Management Software



  • Type: Rackmountable UPS
  • Maximum Capacity: 600VA / 360W
  • Battery Type: Sealed Lead-acid
  • Typical Protection: “Surge Suppression: 405 Joules
    EMI/RFI Filtration
    Phone/Network Protection RJ11/RJ45 (Combo): 1-in, 1-out”
  • Inversion: Simulated Sine Wave
  • Transfer Time: 4 ms
  • Battery Protection: “Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR): Single Boost
    Overload Protection: Internal current limiting, circuit breaker”
  • Input Voltage: Nominal Input Voltage: 230 Vac
    Input Voltage Range 165 ~ 271 Vac
  • Output Voltage: 230 ± 10% Vac
  • Recharge Time: 8 hours
  • Runtime: at Half Load: 13 minutes
    at Full Load: 4 minutes
  • Interfaces: “6 x IEC C13
    1 x HID Compliant USB Port
    1 x Serial Port
    RJ11/RJ45 (Combo): 1-in, 1-out”
  • Visual Indicators: “LCD Panel:
    Operation Type, Power Status, Battery Status, Load Status, Other Information

    LCD Setting & Control:
    Mode Setting, Alarm Setting, Input & Output

    LED Indicators:
    Power On

  • Audible Indicators: “Battery Mode, Low Battery, Overload, UPS Fault”
  • Environment: “Operating Temperature: 32 ~ 104°F
    Operating Temperature: 0 ~ 40 °C
    Operating Relative Humidity (Non-condensing): 0 ~ 90 %
    Operating Elevation: 0-9,843 feet (0-3,000 meters)
    Storage Temperature: 5 ~ 113 °F
    Storage Temperature: -15 ~ 45 °C
    Storage Relative Humidity (Non-condensing): 0 ~ 95%
    Storage Elevation: 0-49,213 feet (0-15,000 meters)
    Online Thermal Dissipation: 20 BTU/hr”
  • Dimensions: (WxHxD) 433 x 44 x 235 mm
  • Weight: 7.8 kg
  • Additional Features: See Overview / Videos
  • Accessories: Rackmount Ears
    Power Cord
    USB Cable
    Users Manual
  • Package Type: Retail
  • Package Weight: 10.6000 kg
  • Warranty: 2 Years

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