The IT Store

The IT Store offers direct sales of Gaming Computers, Office PC’s, Components,  Laptops and accessories to the public everything to build  with delivery. As an established company we can buy direct from wholesalers and offer the latest promotions and technologies. In addition to sales we also offer installation and configuration for the products bought with excellent after sales support via our Sister company

Need a new Computer, Hard drive or Printer? E-mail us the product and specifications you require. We will offer advice on the best product for your needs if you are unsure. We will forward a quotation of options in various price ranges, manufacturers and guarantees.

Once you have decided what product will be preferred we will deliver to your doorstep at a time that will suit you. On your request the product will be installed and configured, ready for use. If there is a delivery and support cost involved this will be added to your quotation. (Only applicable to long distances as well as time consuming installations and configurations)

“Our prices are competitive and more than often beat those of large retail stores. The added benefit of delivery and support services will save you time and money as well.

We offer a large number of IT related services and can also be contacted for standard IT support services, computer repairs, virus removal, wireless and router installations as well as software and operating system sales. Repairs and Support are taken care of by our Sister company Virtual Computer Repairs


Reuben Kruyer CEO/Founder

Emil Sobociński Support Staff

What can we do for you ?

Need help Call our support staff we will assist with installs and setup

Fast Delivery

Std Delivery 48hrs

Support 24/7

Online Support and Chat Available by Qualified and experienced technicians.

Best Quality

We wont sell product that are inferior or grey... We sell the items we believe in and from experience.